Data Management + Platform

Certilytics has a unique, inter-disciplinary design team made up of experienced data and behavioral scientists, engineers, nurses and software and application developers that work on the model and algorithmic design throughout the process. This team is responsible for both the design and testing of models. The models are tested against a large data repository of over 100M anonymized client episodic records to enhance the predictive accuracy and validity of the computations.

The Design team works intimately with the platform engineering team to bring the models to full commercialized versions. In addition, the Design team works with individual customers to customize models and algorithms that would proprietarily be applied only to that unique customer data set. Certilytics has the unique ability to compare individual customer outputs and results with outputs when running the same models against Certilytics anonymized large data sets, thereby improving the validity and accuracy of results.

Certilytics uses a highly proprietary processing platform, based on latest open source technologies that employ various features, both commercial and proprietary, of machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithmic intellectual property to identify and deconstruct unique patterns, trends, predictive features and relationships between the millions of data elements ingested, enriched and processed

Design and Engineering

Processing Platform and Technology

Certilytics has adopted one of the most important and state-of-the-art technology approaches designed to securely intake, process and store the significant amounts of customer clinical, insurance, financial and operating data sets used in providing our products and services. We combine the technologies from Hadoop, DataGuise, Pentaho and Microsoft to provide a best in class processing platform that is equally proficient at processing massive data sets, our unique applications that make up our proprietary analytic models, in a manner that allows us to efficiently scale our product offerings for customers.

Our business model allows our customers to avoid costly acquisition and purchases of software, and the highly complex, burdensome and time-consuming process of installing and operating new software within their highly complex IT environments. Most importantly, they get the models, reports, dashboards and analytic results more rapidly to apply to their business solutions and objectives. Our large, complex customers avoid the debilitating challenge of getting actionable analytics through their legacy IT systems. The value of Certilytics to securely intake, assembly, cleanse, enrich, process and store their data, in a timely and efficient manner, is the one feature of our business that customers rave about. Our engineers and data scientist have both deep technical expertise, but also know the unique features of health care informatics.

Design and Engineering Partners

  • ColdLight provides the people, processes and technology required to simplify and automate the complex process of advanced analytics. Through the use of their Neuron platform, ColdLight uses proprietary learning technology to automatically detect patterns within data, execute advanced analytical techniques and construct highly-accurate predictive intelligence all without deploying teams of data scientists to construct models or algorithms. Neuron is made to be embedded within other systems and technology to instantly create intelligent applications and devices.
  • PathSight provides behavioral-data scientist to independently develop and test new, changing algorithmic formulations for specific test cases that customers present, and the fundamental behavioral criteria and algorithms that supplement core actuarial and clinical analytics for each model.
  • Institute of Scientific Interchange (ISI) is an independent, resident-based research institute known for work in complex science, theoretical and mathematical physics located in Torino, Italy. ISI was founded in 1983 and its mission focuses on promoting scientific interchange and cooperation at the highest degree of quality both in terms of creativity and originality of research and to represent a pillar of high level interdisciplinary training.
  • Carewise Health, Inc. provides data management infrastructure and a full range of nurse clinician resources in support both product design, but importantly supporting customers who desire to base new implementations of care management and payment integrity initiatives based on Certilytics analytical models and outputs.

Engineering Team

Our engineers intake, clean and assemble customer existing data sets outside of their highly complex, legacy IT infrastructure. Data cleansing ensures your data set is accurate, complete and uniform – drastically improving results. Our team works with customer IT teams to ready data feeds and finalize the data mapping and monthly production of data. They have the skills to produce an assessment of your data infrastructure and operations, assure its security, and manage the data compiling and reporting.

Certilytics’ design and engineering team combines several disciplines into an integrated data management and implementation process. The core team consists of information technology engineers, programmers, and database and networking experts. They are assisted by:

  • Actuaries
  • Clinical informaticians
  • Data scientists
  • Behavioral scientists
  • Epidemiologists
  • Neuroscientists
  • Biostatisticians
  • Pharmacists
  • Security & Compliance experts
  • Nurses
  • Physicians